79 221 Fluxus Zero etc Edition Hundertmark
79/ 221 [Fluxus, Zero etc.]. Edition Hundertmark. 100. Karton. Ed. A. Hundertmark. (Cologne), Edition Hundertmark, 1984-1986, consisting of 44 contributions by various artists, for the larger part signed, each in orig. protective sleeve, printed in 100 numb. copies, loosely inserted in orig. cardboard box w. paper title mounted on upper lid (total size 42x36x7 cm.).

- Very fine copy.

= Rare and important Fluxus publication by Armin Hundertmark consisting of 44 multiples and artworks, all but two signed by the contributing artists. Some contributions: E. ANDERSEN, "In case of emergency: push red button. Empty lighter in approximately 33 min. 14 sec." (plastic lighter w. printed text); C.L. ATTERSEE, "Sektjolle" (drawing, signed, dated and numb. by the artist); R. FILLIOU, "Eins. Un. One..." (col. dice, not signed); G. MACUNIAS, four photographs (not signed); A. RAINER, "Face Farce" (photograph, numb.); TAKAKO SAITO, "Klammen an... wo man will" (printed leaf w. wooden clothespin, signed and numb. by the artist) and BEN VAUTIER, "Parti du tout à Ben" (a page from an encyclopedia, stamped signed and numb.). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE IX.

€ (2.000-3.000)