79 2705 Dance of death Holbein H
79 2705 Dance of death  Holbein H
79 2705 Dance of death  Holbein H
79/2705 [Dance of death]. Holbein, H. Icones Mortis, Duodecim Imaginibus praeter priores, totidemque inscriptionibus, praeter epigrammata è Gallicis à Georgio A Emylio in Latinum versa, cumulatae. Basel (= Lyon, J. Frellon), 1554, (88) lvs., 53 woodcuts after H. HOLBEIN, splendidly bound by C.F. CAPÉ (1806-1867) in richly gilt red mor. in the style of Grolier, a.e.g., sm. 8vo.

- Part of the woodcuts in sl. weak impression; endpapers and blanks foxed; a few leaves trifle fingersoiled in lower blank margin (1 page sl. stained); title-p. trifle foxed, otherwise contents fine. Binding in splendid condition.

= Mortimer 288: "(...) the Holbein blocks appeared in a 1554 edition under this title of Icones mortis (...), with a Basel imprint but with no publisher or printer named (...). This is not strictly a page-for-page reprint, but it closely follows the 1547 Icones, and not only the blocks for the illustrations but the initials (with one possible exception) are from Frellon's stock. There is a good possibility that this 1554 edition was actually printed by Frellon at Lyons for sale at Basel. See Baudrier, vol. 5, p.156-157, 160, for brief notes on Frellon's connection with Basel"; Hollstein XIV, A99, p.205; Schultz Jacobi 17. Not in Adams, Oppermann, Reichelt and cat. Memento Mori, Dansen met de Dood. Containing 53 woodcuts, consisting of the 41 blocks from the 1538 edition and 12 new woodcuts after drawings by Holbein. According to Woltmann these new woodcuts were first recorded in the Lyon, 1547 edition, but no copy traced by Hollstein. "Holbein's contribution to the traditional Dance of Death was a sharpening of the humor and satire and a heightening of the drama, so that the customary procession of figures becomes instead under his hand a series of fully realized scenes." (Mortimer). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CVIII.

€ (2.000-3.000) 6000