78 1214 Kloos W
78/1214 Kloos, W. Lot of 29 photographs of Willem Kloos from various periods of his life, 1867-1938, various sizes, vintage prints as well as later prints and photographic picture postcards.

= A remarkable collection, including rare pictures, partly w. identification and date on verso. Incl. i.a. (1) a small photograph of Willem Kloos as a child (3,4x2,2 cm.), w. autograph caption "Willem Kloos 1867", mounted on the blank side of a postcards, verso w. letterhead of "De Nieuwe Gids" and pencil annot. "Dit is het enige kinderportret dat van Willem Kloos bestaat. Eronder zijn handtekening. Gekregen van Mevr. Kloos"; (2) 7 later prints of photographs by Willem Witsen (5,3x5,5 cm to 12,6x16,8 cm.), partly also showing Alphons Diepenbrock, Hein Boeken en Pet Tideman, mainly ±1892; (3) later print of a portrait photograph by Witsen of Kloos, after his stay in an asylum (9x6,5 cm, 1896); (4) a series of 5 photographic postcards by "H.C. den Drijver (...) Den Haag (...)" with pictures from various periods, i.a. a group portrait of A. Diepenbrock, H. Boeken, W. Kloos and A. Derkinderen (annot. on verso: "gefotografeerd op de Kermis te 's Hetogenbosch. Origineel: een blik foto-tje in 't bezit van Mevr. Kloos", ± 1889), the wedding portrait of Willem Kloos en Jeanne Reynrke van Stuwe (1900), "Willem Kloos en zijn neefje Reyneke van Stuwe op zijn verjaardag 6 Mei 1924" and 2 portraits in profile of Kloos, and of Kloos and his wife (1925); (5) 2 photographs of Willem Kloos in his study (14x9 cm., dated 1908 on verso); (6) portrait of Kloos by Herman Bersenbrugge (11,5x15,7 cm., ±1924); (7) Kloos writing at his desk (13,5x8,6 cm., 1932); (8) "Het laatste portret van Willem Kloos" (8,4x5,8 cm., ±1938). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXX.

€ (600-800)