78 6344 Waterloo A 1609 1690
78/6344 Waterloo, A. (1609-1690). (Two travellers sitting next to road, leading to a gated village or estate near Hamburg). Drawing, black chalk and grey wash, 19,5x31,5 cm., w. tiny monogram "AW" in pen and ink, framed.

= On verso in 17th century manuscript black chalk, probably by the artist: "Het lant Werden/ als een redoet an de weeg naer Steenbeck wesende een dorpe daer een grote beek door [or daer] lopt". And in a slightly later handwriting: "aan de Steenwech Buyten hamburg". And in light brown chalk "WS Blanck neese" (which would indicate the area of Blankenese near Hamburg, but probably not depicted). There is a village called Steinbeck, near Buchholz, ±30 kilometer south of Hamburg. "lant Werden" is probably the historical area of the Prince-Bishopric of Verden, of which Buchholz and Steinbeck were once part of. But there is also a village called Oststeinbek, that lies directly east of Hamburg. One of the drawings made by Waterloo during his voyage to Hamburg and surroundings between 1658 and 1660. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXVI.

€ (6.000-8.000)