77 2921 Posters Anonymous 1st half 20th cent
77/2921 [Posters]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.). "Tol'ko dva dnya. Teatr im. Chelyuskintsev. Vpervye v Groznom. Grandioznyj bal-koncert (...) Moskovskogo Zhenskogo Tea-Dzhaza (...)" (Only two days. Chelyuskintsev Theatre. For the first time in Grozny. A grand ball-concert (...) of the Moscow Women's Tea-Jazz (....)". Col. offset poster, 82,5x58 cm., Grozny, Chechingnatsizdat, n.d. (±1935).

- Formerly folded; several restored spots incl. sm. part at intersection of folds (±3x2 cm.).

= The Russian Chelyuskintsev Theatre in Grozny, capital of Chechnya, was established in 1934. Extremely rare, no copy traced. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE I.

€ (800-1.000)