77 231 Filmliga Orgaan der Nederlandsche Year 1 3 Continued as Filmliga Onafhankelijk maandblad voor filmkunst Year 4/ 5 8 Continued as Filmgids No 1 5/6
77/ 231 Filmliga, Orgaan der Nederlandsche - . Year 1-3. [Continued as:] Filmliga. Onafhankelijk maandblad voor filmkunst. Year (4/)5-8. [Continued as:] Filmgids. No. 1-5/6. Amst./ Rott., J. Claussen/ Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1928-1936, 86 issues in 79 parts, ills., orig. (partly unif.) wr., folio (year 1-3 and Filmgids)/ 4to.

- One issue wr. loose; a few issues starting at spine-ends. A (very) fine, complete run.

= Interesting magazine, edited by i.a. M. ter Braak, J. Ivens, H. Scholte and C. van Wessem. Nice (photomontage) wrapper designs by i.a. J. Ivens, P. Schuitema and C. Oorthuys. Maan, Paul Schuitema visual organiser: "The Rotterdam Filmliga occupied an important place in the cultural life of the city around 1930. The Dutch Film Liga had been set up in 1927 as a result of the ban on showing the Russian film The Mother by the Russian avant-garde filmmaker Pudovkin in public. The Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens therefore ran the film at three private showings in Amsterdam. A month later, the Amsterdam Filmliga was an accomplished fact." The "Orgaan der Nederlandsche Filmliga" comprises year 1-3, after which it was continued as "Filmliga. Onafhankelijk maandblad voor filmkunst" (year 5-8) [the year no. 4 was skipped] and "Filmgids". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE VIII.

WITH: Film Liga Amsterdam. Manifest. (Amst., Filmliga, 1927), (4)p., obl. 8vo.

= The extremely rare manifesto on the founding of the Filmliga, dated "Amsterdam, mei 1927".

€ (3.000-5.000) 3000