76 5801 Anonymous 17th cent Dutch school
76/5801 Anonymous (17th cent., Dutch school). (Parade burgonet in the shape of a fantasy dolphin in auricular style). Drawing, 15,5x19,5 cm., (image), 17x20,9 cm. (framing line), silver/ metal pen (or black chalk) and white chalk.

- Sm. waterstain near left edge.

= The burgonet is faintly in the style of Filippo Negroli. On laid paper with a watermark showing a crowned double-headed eagle. On the watermark cf. Haywood 1300 (printed work, 1644) and Laurentius, watermerken 1600-1650, 385 (very similar but with a shield on the breast) (date 1643). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXVI.

€ (1.500-2.500) 5000