75 585 Erotica Krauss F S ed
75/ 585 [Erotica]. Krauss, F.S. (ed.). Anthropophyteia. Jahrbücher für Folkloristische Erhebungen und Forschungen zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der geschlechtlichen Moral. Leipsic, Deutsche Verlag-Aktien-Gesellschaft, 1904-1913, 10 vols., 115 (photogr.) plates., orig. unif. giltlettered orange/ red cl., 4to.

- Vol 5-10 waterwrinkled/ waterstained at the beginning and the end.

= Hayn/ Gotendorf I, p.93 and IX, p.12ff; Stern-Szana p.84ff. First edition of a numbered edition for scholarly purposes. F.S. Krauss (1859-1839) was an ethnograph and folklorist, who studied amongst other things, the sex-life of different ethnic groups. Because of the subject of his studies he was attacked and prosecuted. He tried to create understanding for the deviant sexual preferences of human kind by studying them.

WITH: Idem (ed.). Beiwerke zum Studium der Anthropophyteia. Band I-VIII. Leipsic, Deutsche Verlag-Aktien-Gesellschaft/ Ethnologischer Verlag, 1909-1923, 8 vols., num. (photogr.) ills. on 148 plates, orig. almost unif. giltlettered blue cl., 4to.

- Vols.2, 5 and 8 plates and/ or first/ final textleaves sl. waterwrinkled; vol.2 joints splitting; vol. 5 frontcover sl. stained.

= Hayn-Gotendorf. IX, p.15f.

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