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74/2236 Alphen H van Small archive
74/2236 [Alphen, H. van]. Small archive, concerning the translated editions of Kleine gedichten voor kinderen.

= Comprises: 1. A manuscript letter by French translator A. CLAVAREAU, dated 2 November 1834, to D.F. van Alphen (son of H. van Alphen and member of Dutch parliament), accompanying a presentation copy of the French translation; 2. A copy of the Nederlandsche Staats-Courant of 27 November 1834 in which D.F. van Alphen praises the translator and his work; 3. A manuscript letter by G.H. VAN SENDEN, dated 30 November 1834, to D.F. van Alphen, referring to aforementioned newspaper and recommending the German translation by his late friend J.C.H. Gittermann.

WITH: a copy of the French translation and 2 copies of (diff. editions of) the German translation, all without binding.

€ (100-150) 170