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73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73 5134 Rembrandt van Rijn 1606 1669
73/5134 Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). Recueil de quatre-vingt-cinq estampes originales, tête, paysages et différens sujets (...). Paris, H.-L. Basan, n.d. (between 1807-1819), (2),2p. (letterpress title-p. and list of contents), 72 (of 85) mounted etched plates by/ after/ in the manner of REMBRANDT (3x folded as printed), all printed on thicker paper, contemp. hvellum, folio.

- Lacks 13 plates; 1 duplicate loosely inserted; several etchings cut loose. Binding dam.(frontcover almost loose).


Contains the following etchings (in order of appearance; the final 2 plates are loosely inserted in the album):

- Pieter Haaringh (NH 292, 5th state (of 6));

- The Spanish Gypsy 'Preciosa' (NH 205, copy);

- Woman bathing her feet at a brook (NH 309, 2nd state (of 2));

- Joseph and Potifar's wife (NH 128, 4th state (of 4));

- St. Jerome kneeling in prayer, looking down (NH 142, 2nd state (of 2));

- The stoning of St Stephen (NH 140, 3rd or 4th state (of 4));

- The circumcision in the stable (NH 280, 4th state (of 5));

- Bearded old man (Hollst. (F. BOL) 17, 2nd or 3rd state (of 3)); formerly attrib. to Rembrandt);

- The Persian (NH 110, 3rd state (of 3));

- Bust of a man wearing a high cap, three-quarters right: the artist's father? (NH 57, 5th state (of 6));

- Head of boy looking to the left (anonymous small etching, not by Rembrandt and not in Hollstein of Bartsch);

- Man in a coat and fur cap leaning against a bank (NH 48, 3rd state (of 3));

- Beggar with a wooden leg (NH 49, 3rd state (of 4));

- Man drawing from a cast (NH 192, 5th state (of 6));

- The old man with a leaf of trefoil in his coar (Hollst. (F. BOL) 24; formerly attrib. to Rembrandt);

- Beggar man and beggar woman conversing (NH 45, 2nd state (of 3): "not by Rembrandt")';

- The artist's mother with her hand on her chest (NH 87, 6th state (of 6,));

- Christ disputing with the doctors: small plate (NH 53, 6th state (of 6));

- Jews in the synagogue (NH 242, 6th state (of 9));

- The flight into Egypt (NH 262, 8th state (of 10));

- The beheading of St John the Baptist (NH 183, 3rd state (of 3));

- Beggar woman leaning on a stick (NH 229, state between 4th and the 5th state (of 5));

- Landscape with a cow drinking (NH 251, 4th state (of 5));

- Christ returning from the temple with his parents (NH 276, copy a);

- The tribute money (NH 138, 3rd state (of 4));

- The flight into Egypt: small (NH 117, copies e, V);

- The crucifixion: small plate (NH 143, 2nd state (of 3);

- The rest on the flight to Egypt (NH 216, 8th state (of 9));

- A hurdy-gurdy player followed by children at the door of a house ('The schoolmaster') (NH 191, 3rd state (of 4));

- Self-Portrait (NH 158, copies g (copy in reverse by C.-H. WATELET, 2nd state (of 2));

- Old beggar woman with a gourd (NH 40, 2nd state (of 2));

- The Goldsmith (NH 289, 2nd state (of 3) "fresh impression" by C.H. WATELET));

- The artist's mother as a widow seated at a table with black gloves on her hands (NH 91, in reverse, copy a, 3rd state (of 3) (mourning attire not mentioned in New Hollstein));

- The monk in the cornfield (NH 231, copies c, attrib. to DOMINIQUE VIVANT DENON);

- The card player (NH 193, 4th state (of 5));

- W. DROST (after), Self-portrait before the easel (cf. Hollstein 5, copy in reverse);

- Selfportrait etching at a window (NH 240, 9th state (of 9));

- Lieven Willemsz van Coppenol, writing master: the larger plate (NH 306, 9th state (of 9));

- The star of the Kings: a night piece (NH 263, 3rd state (of 4) (very dark impression));

- Self-portrait in a soft hat and patterned cloak (NH 90, in reverse, copy e, by IGNACE JOSEPH DE CLAUSSIN);

- The French bed (NH 230, copy in the same direction possibly by DOMINIQUE VIVANT DENON);

- Jan Lutma, Goldsmith (NH 293, 4th state (of 5));

- Christ and the woman of Samaria: an arched print (NH 302, 4th state (of 5));

- Male nude, seated and standing ('Het rolwagentje') (NH 233, 7th state (of 8));

- Self-portrait with a broad nose (NH 9, copies a, by JAMES HAZARD)

- Young man in cap: bust (NH 104W, anonymous copy);

- Man with a lantern leading an old or blind man through the night (not in NH, anonymous etching signed in lower right corner "Rembrandt");

- Jan Asselijn, painter ('Krabbetje') (NH 236, 6th state (of 7));

- Resting Amor (not in NH, by PIERRE FRANÇOIS BASAN after ISAAC DE JOUDERVILLE after REMBRANDT; Bartsch 132, copy);

- Arnout Tholinx, inspector (NH 294, copy b, 2nd state (of 2));

- Peasant family on the tramp (NH266, probably the 2nd state (of 3));

- The strolling musicians (NH 141, 3rd state (of 3));

- David in prayer (NH 268, 3rd state (of 3);

- Lieven Willemsz. van Coppenol, writing master: the smaller plate (NH 305, copy b);

- Abraham Francen, apothecary (NH 301, 12th state (of 12));

- Clement de Jonghe, printseller (NH 264, 9th state (of 10));

- Reclining female nude ('La négresse couché") (NH 308, 6th state (of 6));

- The raising of Lazarus: the larger plate (NH 113, prob. 7th state (of 9));

- Cottages and a hay barn on the DIemerdijk with a flock of sheep (NH 254, copy b);

- Farm (not in NH, etching by PIERRE FRANÇOIS BASAN after PIETER DE WITH, Bartsch 255, copy);

- House with three chimneys (NH (P. DE WITH) 5, copies a; Bartsch 250, copy);

- Jan Six (NH 238, copy a (signature, encircled "B" and title in lower margin only partly visible );

- Landscape with horse-drawn coach (Hollstein Dutch (PH. KONINCK) 4, not in NH, etching by ? after PHILIPS KONINCK, Bartsch 215, copy);

- Christ in the house of Martha and Mary (not in NH, etching by IGNACE-JOSEPH DE CLAUSSIN after REMBRANDT);

- The landscape with the coach (Hollstein Dutch (PH. KONINCK) 4, copy in reverse, Bartsch 215 copy);

- Farm along a ditch with palissade to the right (not in NH, etching by (atelier of) PIERRE FRANÇOIS BASAN after PIETER DE WITH, Bartsch 247, copy);

- The artist drawing from the model ('Het beeld van Pygmalion') (NH 176, 3rd state (of 4));

- Lieven Willemsz. van Coppenol, writing master: the larger plate (NH 306, copy a, 2nd state (of 2));

- The death of the Virgin (NH 173, 4th or 5th state (this copy with a clear sharp hooked line on the lowest staircase to the right of the chair in the left foreground (not as seen in NH);

- The descent from the cross: second plate (NH 119, 6th state (of 8));

- Landscape with a wooden bridge and a mill (not in NH, etching by PIERRE FRANÇOIS BASAN after school of REMBRANDT, Bartsch 246 copy);

- The hour of death (etching by G.L. HERTEL after F. BOL, cf. Hollstein Dutch (Bol) 18, not listing this copy).

€ (25.000-35.000)