72 1503 Bébert Armando
72/1503 [Bébert]. Armando. "Het plechtige. het donkere. das feierliche. das dunkle." (Rott.), Bébert, 1984, 6 transparent leaves w. letterpress text (htitle, title-p., leaf w. one red rule, leaf w. the entire poem, colophon leaf and final leaf w. two red rules), 6 lithographs, all signed "Armando 84" and numb. "65/125" in pencil, each 50x32,5 cm. (leaf), with 6 accomp. textleaves, printed in 137 numb. copies (125), loose as issued in orig. hinging wooden box, folio.

- Contents fine. Wooden box w. a few tiny scratches.


€ (600-800)