72 1293 Reve G
72/1293 Reve, G. "Verantwoording" [Verzamelde Gedichten]. Two versions of the introduction to the publication of Reve's Verzamelde Gedichten:

(1). "Verantwoording". AUTOGRAPH, 2 numb. lvs., both lvs. dated "Schied. 13.4.1986" at the top, recto only.

= Draft w. num. corrections.

(2). "Verantwoording". AUTOGRAPH, signed "G.R." at the end, pen and ink, 3 numb. lvs., recto only, first leaf w. heading "circa 1200 woorden (...)"..

= Fair copy of the justification as published in Verzamelde Gedichten (1987), p.127-130 (dated "Pasen 1986"). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXXI.

€ (700-900)