72 1279 Reve G as G K van het Reve
72/1279 Reve, G. (as G.K. van het Reve). The Acrobat and other Stories. Amst./ London, G.A. van Oorschot, 1956, 1st ed., (2),227,(2)p., orig. plain wr. w. (partly yellowed) dustwr. Idem. Verzamelde Gedichten. Amst., De Bezige Bij, 2001, 4th ed., 141,(2)p., w. loosely inserted CD of the author reading from his works, orig. cl. w. dustwr. - AND 9 others by the same, all but one first editions, hardcover w. dustwr., i.a. Brieven aan Wimie 1959-1963 (1980), Bernard S. 1965-1975 (1981), Simon C. 1971-1975 (1982), Wim B.1968-1975 (1983), Frans P. 1965-1969 (1984), Geschoolde Arbeiders 1959-1981 (1985), Ludo P. 1962-1980 (1986), Josine M. 1959-1982 (1994, 2nd enl. ed.) and (with WILLEM NIJHOLT) Met niks begonnen - Correspondentie (1997). - ADDED: G.K. VAN HET REVE, Les soirs. Un récit d'hiver. French transl. M. Buysse (Paris, 1970, 1st ed., orig. wr.).
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