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70/ 906 Bruynèl, Ton. Looking Ears Complete. 6-CD, Muziekgroep Nederland/ Near, CV Near 12, 2004, in clamshell box w. accomp. booklet. Conrad, Tony. Early Minimalism, Volume One. 4-CD, Table of the Elements, As 33, 1997, in slipcase w. accomp. booklet. Chatham, Rhys. An Angel Moves Too Fast To See: Selected Works 1971-1989. 3-CD, idem, La 57, 2002, in box w. accomp. booklet. - AND 8 others similar, incl. 3 boxed sets, i.a. by SAN AGUSTIN (3-CD The Expanding Sea), TONY CONRAD (2x: Slapping Pythagoras, Outside the Dream Syndicate [2-CD 30th Anniversary ed.]), PAUL PANHUYSEN AND THE GALVANOS (Lost For Words) and ELIANA RADIGUE (3-CD Anos I-III).
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