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70/ 908 Cage, John. Lot of 26 CDs in 18 boxes, partly combined w. works by other composers, i.a. Complete Piano Music Vol.1 ("The Prepared Piano" 1940-1952 [3-CD]), Vol.5 (Two Pianos [2-CD]), Vol.6 (Pieces 1960-1992 [2-CD]) and Vol.7 (Pieces 1933-1950); Roaratorio/ Laughtears (2-CD); Music for Merce Cunningham; The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage (3-CD); w. DAVID TUDOR [music], Indeterminacy (New Aspects of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music. Ninety Stories by John Cage, with music. 2-CD).
€ (40-60)