70/1916 Magic lanterns Movable glass slides A drinking deer
70/1916 [Magic lanterns. Movable glass slides]. (A drinking deer). Movable circular handpainted glass slide w. brass rim w. fixed glass slide in wooden frame, w. brass handle, prob. German, ±1870. - AND 11 other movable glass slides all in wooden frames, i.a. 2x kaleidscopic slides w. turning handle and 9x w. double glass slides (providing a background w. movable part or scene), partly w. stamp "M. van Os. in optische en fotografische artikelen Rotterdam", prob. all German, ±1870-1890.

- Various sm. defects, occas. paint flaked off. In good working order. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXV.

ADDED: 5 defective glass slides or just wooden frame.

€ (500-700)