70/1867 Games and toys Domino game Lot of 5 domino game sets
70/1867 [Games and toys. Domino game]. Lot of 5 domino game sets, all 19th cent., 1x miniature, 28 (3x)/ 27 (of 28)/ 26 (of 28) tiles, wood-and-bone w. metal pin (3x)/ wood and unident. material w. metal pin/ bone only, each set in orig. wooden box w. sliding lid.

- The miniature set lacks 2 tiles and another set lacks 1 tile; miniature box lacks one side; a few tiles w. dam. corners.

AND a "Zak-Domino-Spel" (w. 28 chromolithogr. cards, in orig. sleeve w. "BD No. 333", ±1890).

€ (70-90)