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70/1873 Games and toys Lottery games Lotto game
70/1873 [Games and toys. Lottery games]. (Lotto game)., n.publ., n.d. (late 19th cent.), 24 col. lithogr. board cards (4 diff. colours; 10,5x18 cm.), numb. "A1"-"A6" (or C, E, or G), 90 numb. wooden counters in a linen bag, loose in 19th cent. wooden box w. hinging monochr. dec. lid w. "Lotto" in 'western' lettering and showing the American(?) flag, 25x17x7 cm.

- One counter not completely matching the others and w. number on it traced w. black felt-tip pen. Box sl. unset and lacking key.

AND 2 domino sets, both (late) 19th cent.: 28 wood-and-bone tiles w. metal pin in wooden box w. sliding lid and "Zak-Domino-Spel" (28 chromo-lithogr. cards in orig. sleeve).

€ (50-70)