70 5407 Barra J 1581 1634
70/5407 Barra, J. (1581-1634). "Ver". (Spring). Engraving after P. STEVENS, 22,4x34 cm., 4-line Latin engr. caption below, "Joann Barra fe: et excud:" and w. the address "AD Later ex."

- Central vertical fold; tear in left margin, just outside image; sl. foxed/ duststained in margins; waterstain in upper left corner, outside image.

= Rare. From the series of the 4 seasons. Hollstein 40, not mentioning the printer "A.D. Later". Perhaps a 2nd state of 2(?) or even an earlier state. The caption and address in elaborate calligraphic style. The copy in the British Museum has an extra cartouche in the right lower corner.

€ (200-300) 210