70/4594 Stereophotographs Sports and pastimes Lot of 40 stereophotographs
70/4594 [Stereophotographs. Sports and pastimes]. Lot of 40 stereophotographs, late 19th/ early 20th cent., some w. printed captions, some publ. by Littleton View Co. (Littleton)/ Strohmeyer & Wyman (New York)/ Underwood & Underwood (Liverpool, New York etc.).

= Nice lot showing people bathing (i.a. from a series ±1890 by said publishers incl. "The Boatman Somewhat rattled", "Surprised bathers" (ladies paddling with their skirt above their knees), "Over the line" (a man in bathingsuit jumping over a rope on a beach with a pier) and "Miss Ward, the greatest of all Lady Divers", angling, playing blind man's buff (i.a. "Cought at last, pretty creature"), playing board and card games (in living rooms, cafés or outside, i.a. chess), billiards, bowling ("joueurs de boules"), nine-pin bowling (kegelen), table-shuffleboard (sjoelen), horse-riding and four photos from a series "National Sports" (all? by A. Silvester) concerning horse-racing ("The rail! The Road!! The Turf!!! The Settling Day!!!!" (2x diff. photo), "The Race-Course" and "returning from the Derby").

€ (80-100) 110