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70 3141 Music Lasso O di
70 3141 Music  Lasso O di
70 3141 Music  Lasso O di
70/3141 [Music]. Lasso, O. di. Lagrime di S. Pietro, descritte dal Signor Luigi Tansillo. Tenor Primo/ Tenor Secondo. Munich, A. Berg, 1595, 1st ed., 2 vols., 21,(1); 21,(1)p., 2 identical title-p. w. woodcut portrait of the composer, within ornamental typographical borders, woodcut scores, ornamental capital to each madrigal, contemp. unif. blindst. half pigskin bindings w. "Tenor.I" and "1598"/ "Tenor.II" and "1598" stamped in black in upper and lower left corner of frontcover, folio.

- Contents of both volumes very fine; vol. I: partly w. a vague waterstain in upper blank margin; vol. II: p.19 has two manuscript notes in pen and green ink in the first of the blank staves. Both vols. corners and spine-ends dam./ worn; frontcover of second vol. loose and stained in upper left corner.

= RISM 1595a L1009 (no complete copies listed). Written for 7 voices (S.I, S.II, A.I, A.II, T.I, T.II and B), these sacred madrigals are considered by many to form the pinnacle of the sacred madrigal literature of the 16th century. It was the last work written by Di Lasso (he died three weeks after having dedicated the work to Pope Clement VIII) and is remarkable for putting across the deeply felt meaning of the inescapable conclusion of his life. The 20 poems of which the cycle of madrigals consist were written by Luigi Tansillo in a more or less similar vein of searching for the spiritual meaning of life and were first partly published in 1585. A. Einstein, in his The Italian Madrigal calls the Lagrime "(...) a spiritual counterpart to the cycles from the great epics of Ariosto and Tasso, an old man's work, comparable in its artistry, its dimensions, its asceticism only to the Musical Offering and the Art of Fugue." Sixteenth century (parts of) vocal scores are very rare, no copies of any of the voices of the Lagrime were offered by auction in the past decades (ABPC 1972-2019 and JAP 1990-2018). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CXLVI.

BOUND WITH in BOTH VOLS. (6)p. w. manuscript music ("Kyrie") on manuscript staves, followed by (9) unused leaves w. manuscript staves (watermark French lily) and 29/ 35 blank leaves (partly with Fleur de lis watermark (see Briquet 6943-6945), partly with (untraced) shield watermark w. letter "B" at the top of the shield).

- Blank leaves in vol.I partly waterstained; blank leaves in vol.2 partly wormholed.

= Manuscript Kyrie not traced.

€ (12.000-15.000) 13000