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70 2862 Bindings Van Damme Bindery Ovidius Naso P
70 2862 Bindings Van Damme Bindery  Ovidius Naso P
70 2862 Bindings Van Damme Bindery  Ovidius Naso P
70/2862 [Bindings. Van Damme Bindery]. Ovidius Naso, P. Les metamorphoses (...). En latin et en françois. French transl. l'Abbé Banier. Paris, Despilly (vol. 1-3)/ Guillyn (vol.4), 1767-1771, 4 vols., engr. title-p. (w. publ. Basan and Le Mire), 4 different title vignettes, 140 plates (incl. Fin des estampes engr. plate) after F. BOUCHER, CH. EISEN, H. GRAVELOT, C. MONNET, J.M. MOREAU a.o., vignettes by P.P. CHOFFARD, contemp. unif. red morocco with central gilt shield with stained black ground which shows a gilt vase (Storm van Leeuwen rubbing 141) standing on a ground of drawer handle tools, and with a semis of stars in top margin, surrounded by a border of drawer handle tools, a bird in foliage below (untraced) and a flower basket at the top (Storm van Leeuwen rubbing 27), richly gilt floral borders around sides, surrounded by a lacework border consisting of 2 intersecting lines (Storm van Leeuwen rubbing XVIII), gilt spine w. central floral stamp in each compartment (Storm van Leeuwen rubbing 62) and 2 black mor. letterpieces, a.e.g., large 4to.

- Nineteenth cent. bookplate (coat of arms of "SOMERSET") on upper pastedown of vol.I. Contents (incl. plates) partly yellowed/ foxed. Corners partly rubbed, otherwise bindings very fine.

= ON THE BINDING see Storm van Leeuwen vol. I, p.460ff, which lists and illustrates several similar presentaiton bindings: "The Van Damme Bindery was among the largest and most important Amsterdam workshops of the eighteenth century. (...) The importance of the Van Damme Bindery is not only evident in the number of preserved luxury bindings, but also and chiefly in the relatively high quality of its work (...)."

ON THE CONTENTS: first edition, first issue of one of the finest illustrated Ovidius editions. Cohen/ De Ricci, p.769-772: "Superbe ouvrage dû aux soins de l'éditeur Basan et du graveur Le Mire. C'est une des plus galament illustrés de tout le siècle". Sander 1472. Fürstenberg p.79: "Hauptwerk französischer Illustrationskunst". Levine, p.395: "One of the most elegantly illustrated books of last century". Ray, p.105-109 and passim: "This is the supreme anthology of French rococo book illustration. If it has not received the detailed consideration given the Decameron, or the Fermiers-Généraux La Fontaine, this is no doubt because the diversity of its artists and their subjects makes the book difficult either to generalize about or to place". SEE ILLUSTRATIONS PLATE CXXXI.

€ (3.000-5.000) 3000