70 3223 Rousseau J J
70/3223 Rousseau, J.J. Émile, ou l'éducation. Geneva, n.publ., 1792, 4 vols., 5 engr. plates, contemp. unif. hcalf.

- Spines sl. dried and rubbed.

= McEachern 48. "In 1762 the condemnation of Émile by the Paris Parlement forced him to flee from France and settle in Neuchâtel under the protection of the king of Prussia. (...) the work is not just a manual of education, but, as Rousseau himself points out, a philosophical treatise on the goodness of human nature. It is less concerned with laying down the practical details of a specific pedagogic method than with describing the fundamental principles which underlie the whole of man's development from infancy to maturity. Rousseau's ultimate object is to teach the art of living, for man's first duty, he says, is to be human." (Encycl. of Philosophy VII, p.219ff).

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