70 2249 Buddingh S A
70/2249 Buddingh, S.A. Neêrlands-Oost-Indië. Reizen over Java, Madura, Makasser (...) gedaan gedurende het tijdvak van 1852-1857. Amst, M. Wijt & Zonen, 1859-1861, 1st ed, 3 vols., (12),415; (8),415; (8),445p., fold. col. lithogr. map, tinted lithogr. portr., 27 col./ tinted lithogr. plates, orig. unif. richly gilt and blindst. cl., sm. 4to.

- The plates occas. sl. foxed. Spine-ends trifle worn. A fine set.

= Cat. NHSM I, 248; Landwehr, Dutch books w. col. plates 247; Rouffaer/ Muller p.4; Tiele 214; Bastin/ Brommer 575-577: "This is more than a travelogue, containing as it does information on a wide range of subjects skilfully interwoven into the narrative (...) The combination of an interesting and informed text with so many coloured plates makes Buddingh's Neêrlands-Oost-Indië one of the handsomest of Dutch nineteenth century travel books". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXIII.

€ (300-500) 400