70/1845 Games and toys Le Naine jaune
70/1845 [Games and toys]. (Le Naine jaune). N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1920), contemp. wooden box w. sliding lid w. col. lithogr. plates laid down (±30x25x5 cm.), containing 5 loose wooden compartments, each with col. lithogr. plate laid down (a King of Hearts "Charles", a Queen of Spades "Pallas", a Jack of Clubs "Lancelot", a 10 of Diamonds and in the centre the Nain Jaune holding a 7 of Diamonds), the plates repeated on the bottom of the box, 62 plastic rectangular and circular counters, rules of the game (in French) on verso of sliding lid.

- Lid sl. warped; lithograph on lid sl. dam. = Cf. Gumuchian 3370/3371.

AND 1 other: SPIEL-MAGAZIN (n.pl., n.publ., n.d. (±1900), contemp. wooden box containing different types of games (i.a. "Die Erstürmung von Palastrian")).

€ (30-50) 30