70/1702 A B books Neues Vögel Alphabet
70/1702 [A.B.-books]. Neues Vögel-Alphabet. Mainz, Jos. Scholz, n.d. (±1840), leporello w. 24 sections (each 12,4x7,9 cm.) w. handcol. lithogr. ills. (combining the letters I and J and skipping the Y), in orig. board binding w. mounted handcol. lithogr. title showing an eagle on frontcover, 12mo.

- Heavily foxed; hinges strengthened; leaves M and N reattached w. sellotape (shining through). Covers sl. worn; joints split; frontcover lacks part of ornamental lining along mounted plate.

= Very rare A.B.-leporello. Not in Wegehaupt and Sammlung Brüggemann. Showing an Adler, Buchfink, Colibri, Distelfink, Elster (sic), Falk, Gimpel, Holzheher, Ibis, Kraehe, Lerche, Meise, Nachtigal, Ortolane, Pelikan, Quackreiher, Rabe, Sperling, Taucher, Uhu, Verkehrtschnabel, Würger, Xanthorn and Zaunkönig.SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LVII.

€ (250-350) 325