70/1878 Games and toys Solitaire Lot of 2 games of Solitaire
70/1878 [Games and toys. Solitaire]. Lot of 2 games of Solitaire, 2 wooden playing boards each w. 37 holes, together 75 (i.e. at least 2 sets of 36) bone pegs, n.pl. (French?), 2 ident. cilindrical wooden containers w. lid, second half 19th cent.

- Not all pegs identical: 3 ident. larger ones (possibly not belonging to this game or these two copies; 1x tip broken off), 5 ident. narrow small ones and 67 more or less ident. (shape as well as size) medium ones; the containers do not originally belong to these boards; one board w. wooden strips nailed to verso to fit on sliding container (not present) (the other board does and did not have these).

= Travel versions, probably French.

€ (50-70) 70