70 2643 Art Gilbert and George b 1943/42
70/2643 [Art]. Gilbert and George (b.1943/42). Three AUTOGRAPH SIGNED LETTERS to "Dear Mr. ten Cate", dated "24 November 1969", "December 1969" and "January 1970", pen and ink, twice-folded lvs., recto only, w. the artists' letterhead.

= To Ritsaert ten Cate, the owner of the Mickery gallery and theatre. The first letter is a response to a request to exhibit or "present a piece personally", which they turn down because "to do so would be unfair to you and ourselves, we have, however, an exciting answer - it is a sculpture as a book an art piece as a book a princely volume of great George and Gilbert future art How about it ? (...)". The two follow-up letters continue on the subject, of the art piece, which they call "The Book". In the last letter they request a financial contribution for making a proto-type.

€ (400-600)