70/1864 Games and toys Chess Pocket Chess board
70/1864 [Games and toys. Chess]. Pocket Chess board. Miniature travel chess set, British, ±1900, w. pegged board playing field inside board box w. silk lined lid, 11x11x3 cm., w. 32 miniature wooden chess men, height 2 cm. (incl. peg).

- Two corners lid split.

The Travellers set of Ivory Draughts. Miniature travel chequers set, British, ±1880, board box w. playing field w. bronze pins on each square, w. 24 holed ivory draughts (one set of 12 painted red), w. sliding board sleeve w. orig. lithogr. plate, 1,2x13,5x13,5 cm.

- Plate sl. rubbed and fingersoiled, otherwise fine.

€ (50-70) 70