69/1200 Augustijn Pers De doos voor Hans
69/1200 [Augustijn Pers]. De doos voor Hans. N.pl., n.publ., 2006, title, colophon, contributor's leaf, 44 contributions (booklets/ lvs.) by Dutch private presses, various sizes, printed in 75 copies (74), a few signed/ numb. in pencil/ ballpoint, together loosely inserted in orig. board box (38,5x23,5x8,5 cm).

- Lacks illustration on frontcover.

= Printed on occasion of the 75th birthday of Hans Rombouts and the 21th anniversary of the Augustijn Pers. With contributions by i.a. M. Andriesse, J. Binsbergen (Tussen Haakjes), H. Briër (Horny Girl Production), J. van Gent (Kopwit), P. Jacobs (Priegeldrukkerij), J. Keijser (Avalon Pers), F.W. Kuyper (Lojen Deur Pers), G. Moormann (De Zingende Zaag), J. Schipper (Statenhofpers) and P. van Wensveen (Vette Venus Pers).

€ (70-90)