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69 6065 Tempesta A 1555 1630 after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69 6065 Tempesta A  1555 1630  after
69/6065 Tempesta, A. (1555-1630) (after). (Horses). Eighteen (of 28) engravings, incl. 1 title-p., from the series of Horses, engr. by E. VAN PANDEREN, ±13,6x16,5 cm., bound in a contemp. vellum album, obl. 8vo.

- Blank margins sl. frayed/ creased/ waterstained (images not affected); one plate dam. in lower margin (affecting text in lower margin) and one plate loose, cut sl. short and w. a few stains. Vellum damaged, creased and soiled; hinges broken (bookblock loose).

= Hollstein 56. Comprises no.1, 2, 5, 7, 12, 15, 16-18, 20-30. Together with the following 6 series with in total 74 prints a rich collection of fine animal and hunting prints. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CLV.

BOUND WITH: Bruijn, A. de (1538/40-±1587). Animals. Eight (of 12) engravings from the series of Animals, each 11,6x16,8 cm., all w. engr. number and caption below.

- Two plates w. sm. wormholes in blank margins; partly trifle soiled in blank margins.

= Hollstein 159-170, all third state of 3 (with the number added in lower right margin). Comprises no. 1-3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE CLV.

AND WITH: Gerards II, M. (1561-1635). "Animalium quadrupedum omnis generis verae et artificiosissimae delineationes". Complete series of 21 engravings, each 9,8x20,6 cm., title-p. w. engr. title below image and w. address "Pictore Marco Gerardo Brugense Ao 1583", plates w. engr. number "1" [title] to "21" in lower right corner, publ. C.J. Visscher.

- Title-p. tear in lower margin (just touching lower border of title strip of plate) and blank margins w. a few stains/ sl. soiled; two other plates spotted in image; otherwise blank margins sl. soiled.

= Hollstein 11-32. Rare.

AND WITH: Tempesta, A. (1555-1630) (after). "Aucupationis multifariae effigies". Fifteen (of 16) engravings (incl. title-p.) by C.J. VISSCHER, all 11,8x13,9 cm., title-p. w. engr. address "Excusum Amstelredami apud Nic. Joan. Visscher Ao. 1639", all w. engr. numb. ("1" to "16") in lower right corner.

- Lacks plate 7; title-p. and plate 16 sm. tear in lower blank margin; blank margins of plates partly waterstained/ sl. soiled/ foxed (not affecting the plates).

= Hollstein 344-359, 2nd state of two.

AND WITH: Idem (after). Icones venantium species varias. Ten (of 13 (incl. title)?) engravings by E. JANSZ, all 10,3x13,7 cm., first engraving w. "Antonio Tempest inventor CJ Visscher excudit" engr. below image, all engravings w. engr. number ("1" to "16") in lower right corner of blank margin, publ. J.Th. and J.I. De Bry, 1598.

- Lacks title engraving, plate 5 and 7; all plates waterstained in top blank margin (not affecting image) and sl. soiled/ stained mainly in blank margins (3x touching image); occas. sl. frayed.

= Hollstein 1-12. The set is followed by 4 similar hunting prints numb. 13-16 in the image (instead of in the blank margin). Despite their similarity these prints do not belong to the same series.

AND WITH: Idem (after). "Iachtboeck". Twelve (of 13, incl. engr. title) engravings by C.J. VISSCHER, all 8x11,8 cm.,

- Lacks plate 4; plate 7 and 10 cut out from a larger leaf (from a different copy?) and loosely inserted; plate 8 loosely inserted (from a different copy?); plate 7 soiled in image and plate 8 soiled in margins.

= Hollstein 160-171, only state.

AND WITH: Bruijn, N. de (1571-1652). "Animalium quadrupedum varii generis effigies (...) Allerley viervuessiger thier eigentliche abbildung, den goltschmieden dienlich." Eight (of 12) engravings (incl. engr. title-p.), all 8,1x12,5 cm., all plates w. engr. numb. ("1" to "8") in lower right corner and 6 plates (incl. engr. title) signed/ monogrammed in various versions in the plate: "NB" or "N. de Bruin fe. 1594" or "N d b f" or "Nicolao de B. fe 1594" or "Nd d b f." or "1594 N.B. f."

- One plate (no.5) w. large tear in lower blank margin, just touching the blank left corner of the plate and trifle rubbed in lower right corner of the plate; blank margins of other plates occas. sl. waterstained/ (finger)soiled (not affecting images).

= Hollstein 303-310, 2nd state of 2 or 3.

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