69 5800 Caricature Hogarth W 1697 1764 after
69/5800 [Caricature]. Hogarth, W. (1697-1764) (after). "To the Right Hon.ble Earl Onslow. This Plate respresenting the House of Commons in Sir Robert Walpole's Administration." Stipple-engraving by A. FOGG, 52x37 cm., engr. captions below, London, E. Harding, 1803.

- Lower blank margin foxed/ sl. waterst./ frayed.

AND 2 miscell. others by J. CALLOT, "Scelta d''Alcuni miracoli" (trimmed inside the image and tipped onto mount w. tears) and by P. TANJÉ after C. TROOST, "De Schyndeugd".

€ (60-80)