69 5354 Anonymous late 17th cent ?
69/5354 Anonymous (late 17th cent.?). (View of Gorcum[?], showing several houses along a river, a small rowing boat with three fishermen in the foreground). Watercolour, 26,1x36,8 cm., illegibly signed in lower right corner.

- Traces of former tipping-in visible in corners on verso.

= On paper with Strasbourg lily w. letters "JH" below. With old annot. on verso: "Op deze teekening staat E. Teijlen[?], dog deselven is origineel van Jan van Gooijen 1652, soo als op de muur geteekend staat." The signature of the first is vaguely and illegibly visible in the lower right corner and the name of Van Goyen is vaguely visible on the wall to the left. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVIII.

€ (150-250) 230