69 1247 Blunden E
69/1247 Blunden, E. Summer's fancy. London, The Beaumont Press, 1930, 53,(3)p., printed in 405 numb. copies (80), frontisp., title-p., bookdec. and orig. giltlettered dec. hvellum by R. SCHWABE.

= Very fine copy of the deluxe edition of 80 copies printed on handmade parchment vellum and signed by the author and the artist.

Marlowe, C. Edward the Second. Kensington, Aquila Prefs, 1929, without pagination, num. heraldic ills. by ALEXINA OGILVIE, printed in 500 numb. copies on Maillol hand-made paper, orig. gilt vellum w. heraldic red mor. plate on frontcover, 4to. (fine). - AND 1 other.

€ (70-90) 80