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69 3903 Escher M C 1898 1972
69/3903 Escher, M.C. (1898-1972). (Ex libris G.H. 's-Gravesande). "Ex libris G.H. 's Gravesande. Van dichten comt mi cleine bate, Die liede raden mi dat ict late" [in reverse]. The ORIGINAL WOODBLOCK for the bookplate, 6,2x6,2x2,2 cm.

= Extremely rare example of an original woodblock for an Escher print. Provenance: the 's-Gravesande family. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XV.

WITH a copy of the woodengraved bookplate, (1940), 6,1x6,1 cm. (Bool 322; Iaquinta p.33).

€ (20.000-30.000) 25000