69 2496 Astronomy D Alfonso X de Castilla
69/2496 [Astronomy]. D. Alfonso X de Castilla. Libros del saber de astronomía del Rey -. Ed. M. Rico y Sinobas. Madrid, E. Aguado, 1863-1867, 5 vols., num. (col./ tinted) lithogr. plates and ills., contemp. unif. hcl., large folio.

- Some occas. yellowing/ foxing. Spines partly faded.

= Alfonso X (1221-1284) was the enlightened King of i.a. Castile and one of the greatest patrons of learning of the Middle Ages. His main scientific interests were astronomy and astrology: he prepared the so-called 'Tablas Alfonsies' (Alfonsine Tables), containing diagrams and figures on planetary movements, and the Libros del saber de astronomia (Books of Astronomical Lore), describing astronomical instruments.

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