69/2302 France Les adieux de Calas à sa famille Het afscheid van Calas
69/2302 [France]. "Les adieux de Calas à sa famille. Het afscheid van Calas." Broadside w. 2 letterpress columns by W. OCKERS, with engraving above by C.F. FRITZSCH, Amst., G. Bom, 1769.

- Horizontal fold; sm. stain in text; trifle frayed.

= Dutch broadside on the French cause célèbre of the conviction and execution of the Toulouse merchant Jean Calas in 1761/62. His son was found strangled in the family home. The suspicion fell on the father, because of the religious tensions within the family, the family hugenots and the son converted to catholicism. Jean Calas was found guilty and was executed after being tortured. The second son met, while in exile, Voltaire and convinced him of the innocence of his father. In order to acquit the father, Voltaire wrote a pamphlet on the case. The case was reopened and after investigation, Jean Calas was posthumously rehabilitated.

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