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69/2949 [Belgium]. Cantillon, (P.) de. Vermakelykheden van Brabant, en deszelfs onderhoorige landen. II. (kwartier van Brussel) and III. deel (kwartier van Antwerpen). Amst. D. Weege, 1770, 1st ed., 2 vols., 4 ident. engr. title-vignettes, 2 fold. plans, 2 (fold.) profiles, 140 (of 141 or 144?) views (i.a. by G. BOUTTATS, H. CAUSE and J. HARREWIJN), simple printer's boards.

- Paper over spine worn/ frayed; lacks view of the citadel of Antwerp.

= Colophon of part 2 calls for 75 plates, but only lists 74, part 3 calls for 73 plates, but the list only contains 71. With the plans and profiles of Antwerp and Brussels and many views of castles, nobles' houses, ruins and other important estates in the dukedom of Brabant.

€ (500-700)