69 2266 Atlases Geerling W J
69/2266 [Atlases]. Geerling, W.J. Nieuwe atlas der geheele aarde in 44 kaarten. N.pl., n.publ., n.d. (Arnhem, 1872), (2)p., 27 (of 28) lithogr. maps w. handcol. borders, 16 photolithogr. plates, contemp. clothbacked boards, obl. folio.

- Lacks 1 map; a few maps trifle foxed/stained; a few lvs. marginal damages strengthened w. paper; hinges weak. Covers occas. rubbed.

= Rare atlas. Not completely conform Koeman II, Gee 3, which has other addresses on a few maps and gives a publisher and a place on the title-p.

€ (60-80) 60