69/2104 Haarlem and surroundings Guide de l'etranger à Harlem
69/2104 [Haarlem and surroundings]. Guide de l'etranger à Harlem. Haarlem, J.J. van Brederode, n.d. (±1860), 12p., fold. lithogr. plan, 8 plates, orig. wr., obl. sm. 8vo.

- Trifle foxed. Frontcover detached; wr. frayed. = Rare, not found.

AND 3 other souvenir albums/ booklets of Haarlem, i.a. SOUVENIR DE HAARLEM. ALBUM DE POCHE (n.pl., n.d.(±1880), 12 mounted photographs, leporello, orig. cl., 16mo).

€ (100-150) 130