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69 2207 Photographs Kleingrothe C J 1864 1925
69 2207 Photographs  Kleingrothe C J  1864 1925
69 2207 Photographs  Kleingrothe C J  1864 1925
69 2207 Photographs  Kleingrothe C J  1864 1925
69/2207 [Photographs]. Kleingrothe, C.J. (1864-1925). "Padang Boelan 1898 Deli". Portfolio containing 21 daylight collodion emulsion contact prints, 27x37 cm. (7x)/ 26,5x34,5 cm. (2x)/ 27,5x36,6 cm. (12x), all mounted on board: 7 prints of house interiors with giltlettered in silver "C.J. Kleingrothe" and "Medan & Tandjong Poera O.K. v. Sumatra" in lower margin of board mounts, 2 prints of house interiors on plain board mounts/ 12 prints of the house of the head administrator of the plantation Padang Boelan on grey board mounts w. letterpress caption, loosely inserted in large orig. giltlettered calf portfolio.

- All mounts mouldy in lower left corner (not affecting the prints). Portfolio damaged and leather dried and discoloured.

= The photographs show the exterior of the house of head administrator M.J. Tiele on the tobacco plantation Padang Bulan of the Amsterdam Deli Company in Medan on Sumatra. See KITLV - 103528. On M.J.Tiele (1841-1924) see i.a. the website of Libriana ( "Hij was o.a. administrateur van de tabaksfirma Deli Maatschappij in Medan, Sumatra, bouwheer van Dennenheuvel in Heemstede en derde eigenaar van de Mentz-hoeve in de Haarlemmermeer." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXVII.

AND 5 related mounted (1x not mounted) albumen prints, all ±21x25 cm., partly sl. faded/ sl. yellowed, i.a. an informal group portrait showing M.J. Tiele seated around a table with 3 colleagues and being served drinks by 2 servants (w. dated presentation to "P.A. Tiele echtgenoote van M.J. Tiele. Deli, April 1880" in contemp. pen and ink on verso, with identification of all sitters); a view of "Huis Hoofdadministratie Tabak My Arendsburg Deli Sumatra" (titled and w. similar dedication on verso) and a formal studio group portrait showing i.a. M.J. Tiele (sitters unidentified).

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