69 2537 Botany Miller P
69 2537 Botany  Miller P
69 2537 Botany  Miller P
69/2537 [Botany]. Miller, P. Allgemeines Gärtner-Lexicon. Das ist des Geschlechter und Gattungen aller und jeder Planzen nach dem neuesten Lehrgebäude des Ritter Linnen (...). Nürnberg, J.A. Lochner, 1769-1776, 4 vols., engr. frontisp. and 18 plates, contemp. unif. calf w. richly gilt spine and 3 diff. mor. letterpieces, 4to.

- All vols. w. library-stamp on title-p.; vol. 1 first ±20 lvs. sl. wormholed in blank lower margin; occas. trifle foxed. All vols. spine w. sm. wormholes; spine-ends chipped (vol. 2 and 4 top of spine dam.); joints worn (upper joint vol. 4 heavily wormholed/ dam. at top); covers trifle/ sl. scratched.

= Pritzel 6237. Not in Nissen/ Hunt. On Miller see Fussell, Old English farming books p.123-125 and British gardeners, a biographical dictionary p.204-205: "Under his direction the physic garden gained an international renown, enhanced by the authority of Miller's several publications, the most influential of which was The Gardener's Dictionary (...). This went through many editions, remaining a definitive work for over a century and highly praised by Linnaeus (...)". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXXVI.

€ (700-900)