69 2300 Egypt Wilson R T
69/2300 [Egypt]. Wilson, R.T. History of the British expedition to Egypt; to which is subjoined, a sketch of the present state of that country and its means of defence. London, T. Egerton, 1803, 2nd ed., XXI,(1),387,(1)p., engr. frontisp. portr. and 1 fold. map of the course of the Nile, 2 partially handcol. fold. battle-plans, 2 fold. tables, later hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece, 4to.

- As often lacks the plan of Cairo; preliminary leaves loose; otherwise a very good copy, from the library of Sir Robert Shafto Adair, with his bookplate. Occas. sl. browned.

= Atabey 1340: "This is the basic contemporary source for the British campaign against Napoleon's army in Egypt. Wilson took part in many of the Napoleonic campaigns, and he later served as governor of Gibraltar." De Meulenaere p.200 (French transl. 1803): "Mais, malgré l'importance de sa narration, il faut signaler que l'auteur anglais affiche au cours de tout son ouvrage un parti-pris, voire une hostilité manifeste à l'égard des Français. (...) gallophobie aiguë".

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