69 3467 Popular literature Baudouin de Guémadeuc
69/3467 [Popular literature]. (Baudouin de Guémadeuc). L'Espion dévalisé. London (= Neufchâtel), n.publ., 1783, VII,(1),302p., woodcut title-vignette and headpiece, contemp. gilt hcalf w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Sl. yellowed. Spine sl. rubbed and worn.

= Cioranescu 10218; cat. coll. Stuyt 754; Lacombe, Bibl. parisienne 241: "Recueil d'anecdotes scandaleuses sur divers personnages de l'époque; aventures parisiennes, cancans, etc." Curious work in prose and some verses, not only dealing with espionage, but also with (contemporary) political and economical issues.

€ (30-50)