69/5630 Commedia dell'arte
69/5630 (Commedia dell'arte). Handcol. engr. catchpenny print, w. 16 figures, publ. by Basset, Paris, ±1820.

- Margins cut short, almost to the image, address partly visible.

(Theatre figures on donkeys). Contemp. handcol. engr. catchpenny print, publ. by Basset, Paris, ±1810.

- Margins cut short to the image.

= I.a. figures from the commedia dell'arte, Don Quixote, Maitre Clistorelli and signor Cacarelli.

AND 4 others similar, cut out or cut to the images, all without address, showing i.a. the figures of Arlequin and Pierrot.

€ (100-150) 100