68 5954 La Fargue van Nieuwland I L 1726 1805 style of
68/5954 La Fargue van Nieuwland, I.L. (1726-1805) (style of). (Prince Willem V with his sons surrounded by a group of noblemen in the "Oudeiense Kamer"). Drawing, watercolour heightened with gold, 36,5x48 cm., framed.

- Sl. dam. along margins in upper corners. Frame sl. dam.

= Shows Fredric William I writing "Got help mynen Zoonen 29" on a piece of paper and another sheet with the text "Brave Ik moet van: U PV Oianie". Cf. F.M. 5294, with slight differences in the text and cf. Atlas van Stolk 5181 (with sl. differences in text and image). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XCVII.

€ (500-700) 500