67/1635 Werkman H N Turkenkalender 1942 Compiled by Adriana Buning
67/1635 [Werkman, H.N.]. Turkenkalender 1942. (Compiled by Adriana Buning). N.pl. (Heerenveen), De Blauwe Schuit, 1941, (28)p., comprising 12 calendar pages printed in various colours, 14 (accomp.) textp. (w. decoration) printed in black and colours and 1 double-p. "druksel" printed in 5 colours, orig. stiff paper wr. printed in 3 colours (front- and backwr.) and black and 2 colours (inside wr.), designed and printed in 120 copies by H.N. WERKMAN, sm. folio, in custom-made cl. drop-back box.

- Large diagonal fold throughout (bookblock and wrappers); occas. sl. yellowed. Wrappers sl. yellowed on recto/ verso (verso w. some offsetting); frontwr. rubbed and w. sm. whitish stains.

= One of the most desirable and rare Werkman publications. Dekkers/ Van der Spek/ De Vries BS-8 and extensively on p.307-339; Cat. Hot Printing 41-g9; Logboek van De Blauwe Schuit 8; De Jong 819. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXVI.

€ (2.000-3.000) 3500