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67/ 798 [Movable books, pop-up and shape books]. Moerbeek, K. The Fatal Footsteps., the author/ artist, n.d. (±2000), 5 double-p. col. pop-up plates w. handpainted gilt parts, orig. pict. boards, 4to.

= Privately published in a probably very limited edition.

Lavater, W. Roodkapje. Utr., Het Spectrum, 1973, leporello, 38 entirely col. lithogr. pages by W. LAVATER, orig. cl., plexiglass slipcase.

= Dutch edition after the French, publ. by Adrien Maegt, Paris, 1965.

AND 20 other movable and pop-up books, i.a. H. KRAHÉ, Komm zu uns, lieber Weihnachtsmann! (Esslingen, 1994, col. pop-up and revolving plates, orig. boards, obl. 4to) and MOTHER SHIPTON (Toronto, 1980, fold. text leaf, facs. vol.: lvs. w. folding flaps, orig. wr., together in orig. envelope. Facs. harlequinade vol. of the ed. London, 1800).

€ (100-150) 100