67 818 Struwwelpeter Jegerl O
67 818 Struwwelpeter  Jegerl O
67 818 Struwwelpeter  Jegerl O
67 818 Struwwelpeter  Jegerl O
67/ 818 [Struwwelpeter]. Jegerl, O. Struwwelpeter für grosse Kinder. Esslingen and Munich, J.F. Schreiber, n.d. (1902), 78p., col. ills. by L. KAINRADL, L. MEGGENDORFER and H. STUBENRAUCH, contemp. cl. w. mor. letterpiece, orig. wr. pres.

- Lacks p. 23-26, replaced w. loosely inserted photocopy; title-p. repaired in inner margin.

= Rare. Jugendstil illustrations. Rühle 1140a.

Razoux, W.P. Een aardig prentenboek met leerzame vertellingen, naar het beroemde Hoogduitsche kinderwerk: "Der Struwwelpeter". Schiedam, H.A.M. Roelants, (1898), lithogr. title and 19 col. lithogr. plates w. accomp. text, orig. clothbacked lithogr. boards, 4to.

- Sl. fingersoiled; trifle foxed. Frontcover w. a few vague stains.

= Cf. Rühle 212; The Children's World of Learning 3786; Lust en Leering p.209-211 and p.224; De Koning 405. This is the ed. published on the 50th anniversary of the first Dutch ed.: "De eerste Nederlandsche uitgaaf, van 1848, nauwkeurig gevolgd".

AND 7 others, i.a. L. DESNOYERS, Aventures de Jean-Paul Choppart (Brussels, 1840, 5th impression, woodengr. ills. and orig. wr. by P. LAUTERS. About the adventures of the naughty boy Jean-Paul) and H. CARNEGIE and V. JACOB, The Infant Moralist (London, 1926, 2nd ed., col. ills., orig. cl. Rühle 373a).

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