67/825 Willebeek Le Mair H Collection of 27 picture postcards
67/ 825 [Willebeek Le Mair, H.]. Collection of 27 picture postcards, i.a. with "Old Dutch Nursery Rhymes", Philadelphia/ London, D. McKay/ Augener Ltd., 1911-1912. - AND ±130 other picture postcards, loosely inserted together in contemp. (h)cl. albums, obl. 4to, i.a. illustrated by RIE CRAMER (36x) and PAULI EBNER (11x), B. MIDDERIGH BOKHORST, M. KOEHLER, B. JORDENS, N. HEYLIGERS, M. TOONDER and M. SOWERBY.
€ (70-90) 80